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Intensive course 1 – recognised as educational leave in Hamburg “Bildungsurlaub”
I will apply for educational leave with my employer in Hamburg
Mon – Fri 10:00 – 15:00
Desired course date:
Intensive Course 2– this course is only for educational leave in Schleswig-Holstein “Bildungsurlaub”
Mon – Fri 09:30 – 16:00
Desired course date:
IELTS Preparation Course – 1 Week intensive course
Mon – Fri 10.00 - 15.00
1 Week (30x45 min)
Desired course date:
Evening Courses
16 x 90 min
Preferred course time:
On-going courses, join at any time
Evening course FCE / CAE / CPE – Certificate Preparation
16 x 90 min
Weekly 1 x 90 min
Course start date, day and time upon request
English Workshop
Workshop 1 – Clean up your Grammar!
Workshop 2 – Telephoning and Emailing
Workshop 3 – Meetings, Negotiations and Presentations
Private Lessons (1-2 people)
Lesson times are flexible according to your preference

Feel free to let us know any special requirements for your lessons, or any questions that you may have.

Will the course fee be covered by your employer?

Once you submit the placement test, we will contact you to make course recommendations according to your selection.

Here is the test:

The test is not an exam, but a placement test that allows us to offer you the right course. Please complete the test alone and without any help within a maximum of 30 minutes. If you are unsure, simply answer the question instinctively.

Please click the correct answer....

1. Mr Smith has got a very good job. He ..... £ 4.000 a month.

A is earning

B earned

C earns

2. Does he .....

A have often to work late?

B often have to work late?

C often has to work late?

3. Spitaler Straße ....

A is always crowded on Saturday.

B is crowded always on Saturday.

C always is crowded on Saturday.

4. Mr Smith ....

A has four child.

B have four children.

C has got four children.


A You ever go to the cinema?

B Do you ever go to the cinema?

C You go ever to the cinema?

6. What a beautiful day, the sun ....

A shines.

B is shining.

C shone.


A Where do your sister live?

B Where your sister live?

C Where does your sister live?

8. They .... a new airport near Birmingham.

A build

B builds

C are building


A What do you do?

B What do you work?

C What does you work?

10. We .... to Italy last year on holiday.

A have gone

B were

C went

11. When .... in England?

A have you been

B did you go

C were you


A I never did go to America.

B I have never gone to America.

C I have never been to America.

13. I .... the restaurant twice this month.

A went to

B have gone to

C have been to

14. I have worked in this company .... 6 years.

A since

B for

C at

15. The sun hasn't shone .... a very long time.

A at

B since

C for

16. I .... my car since 1996.

A had

B have got

C have had

17. If she .... we will have to leave without her.

A will not come soon.

B isn't going to come soon

C doesn't come soon

18. You .... in Africa last summer.

A was

B were

C have been

19. If I .... you I would think it over again.

A am

B were

C have been

20. The sky looks very dark. ....

A It's going to rain.

B It will rain.

C It’s raining soon.

21. I .... him last week.

A have seen

B saw

C had seen


A What will you do this weekend?

B What are you doing this weekend?

C What will you make this weekend?

23. I wonder if you’d mind .... me.

A help

B to help

C helping

24. I wouldn’t have gone if I .... she was here.

A knew

B had known

C know

25. Aren’t you going to send the letter .... air mail?

A with

B by

C over

D on

26. You’ve really been a great help. Thank you very much.

A It’s good.

B It doesn’t matter.

C Not at all.

D Please.

27. How’s life?

A Don’t mention.

B It goes.

C It’s very kind of you.

D Not too bad.

28. If he is to blame ... it, he must be dismissed.

A for

B by

C with

D of

29. “Where would you like to go?” “I’d enjoy a visit .... Rome more than anything else.

A in

B at

C by

D to

30. Are you going to be .... the conference next week?

A by

B at

C on

D to

31. These pictures remind me .... my holidays.

A of

B at

C on

D to

32. The programme we saw .... television last night was very interesting.

A at

B in

C off

D on

33. Could you pass me that book please?

A Yes, never mind.

B Yes, not at all.

C Yes, of course. Here you are.

D Please.

34. Will they be able to understand her if she speaks French?

A Oh yes, I understand.

B Oh yes, I think so.

C Yes, I believe.

D Yes, I certainly do.

35. I haven’t been feeling very well lately.

A I didn’t too.

B I feel much better, too.

C I’m sorry to hear that.

D So have I.

36. May I have another cup of tea?

A Never mind.

B Yes, help yourself, please.

C Yes, please, take yourself one.

D Yes, Thank you.

37. Why don’t you apply .... the position?

A to

B for

C at

D about

38. He objected .... Mary’s going to London.

A about

B against

C at

D to

39. He came here .... train.

A by

B in

C with

D per

40. The film we saw last week dealt .... marketing techniques.

A of

B in

C on

D with

41. .... my opinion, he’s wrong.

A by

B in

C to

D after

42. Shall I come this week or next week?

A How you like it.

B How you will.

C Just as you like.

D What you want.

43. You mean you have found some mistakes?

A I’m afraid.

B I’m afraid so.

C Yes, I fear.

D Yes, I worry.

44. I’ve got my interview on Tuesday.

A Good Fortune!

B Good luck!

C I hope the best.

D I wish you all good.

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